Arizona Trophy Mule Deer Guided Hunts

When you draw a tag for a premium mule deer hunt in Arizona, Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters, LLC can assist you in fully maximizing the trophy potential that your mule deer hunt offers. Our goal as professional Arizona Trophy Mule Deer Guides is to treat you, the hunter with integrity, honesty and provide you with what you paid for.  Our extensive years of real mule deer hunting experience and tireless dedication to scouting and preparation shine through with real results. Clients have harvested multiple world class mule deer scoring over 200″ during these hunts with us.

Arizona Strip & Kaibab Mule Deer Hunts

Arizona has multiple mule deer hunting opportunities, but the Arizona Strip and Kaibab areas have the most spectacular Mule Deer genetics and are managed for older age class bucks.  The AZ Strip and Kaibab consistently produce world class trophy mule deer. Rifle mule deer tags are very limited for these areas and can take many years to draw, so it’s very likely you may only get one of these special tags in a lifetime.

Dedicated archery mule deer hunters with years worth of bonus points apply for the limited entry archery mule deer hunts on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab. These mule deer hunts take place in late August when the bucks can be in bachelor groups and in are the velvet. The Arizona Strip and the Kaibab are famous for producing some of the largest velvet bucks ever taken and these hunts give bow hunters one of the best opportunities available of harvesting a world class mule deer buck. The Arizona Strip archery tags are very limited and take nearly maximum bonus points to draw. The Kaibab archery tags can be drawn much more easily and you can chase giant mule deer bucks with your bow every few years.

 Arizona’s Top Trophy Mule Deer Units:  Unit 12AW, Unit 12AE, 12B, Unit 13A &  Unit 13B
 Arizona General Desert Mule Deer Hunts

Arizona has some lesser known units that we are very familiar with in the central part of the state that offer great bucks and much easier tag drawing odds. Rifle hunters can apply for the October-November seasons and some units as of 2012 now have rut rifle mule deer hunts that take place in December during the peak of the rut. Trophy mule deer buck potential in these sleeper areas can be very good when you know where to look. Hunters can expect to see and hunt bucks in the 160″-190″ range.  

The serious trophy mule deer hunter has a very good opportunity of drawing a tag, experiencing an exciting hunt, and harvesting a great buck. We do the same intensive scouting and preparation in these central and desert mule deer units as we do all of our hunts.

Our favorite General Arizona Desert Mule Deer Units:  Unit 10, Unit 15AB, Unit 17A&B, Unit 18A&B, Unit 41, Unit 42 & Unit 44A

Arizona Successful Mule Deer Hunts with Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters

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