Red’s 41E Desert Bighorn Ram

It is extremely hard to draw a bighorn sheep tag as the demand vs supply isn’t even close to being in balance.  This typically leads to many hunters drawing sheep tags when they are indeed past their prime.  There isn’t a cure for this dilemma, it’s simply the math.

Red H. called us in the summer of 2023 after he found out he had drawn a 41 east desert bighorn sheep tag.  Red’s good friend Larry hunted with us in 2020, so he knew he was getting a great sheep hunting crew but his main concern were the mountains themselves.  Red like many others was past his peak mountain climbing days.  Red was open about his concerns of being able to get to a ram, which was indeed the biggest obstacle.  We assured him we would find a solid ram where he could accomplish his goal of harvesting an old desert ram.

Red's 41E Desert Bighorn
Red smiling while holding his old desert ram!

After several days scouting, EPO Guide Jon Green turned a solid ram in a good spot.  Jon sat on the ram for days but on the opening morning of the hunt the ram disappeared into the large mountain range.   Later that same day the team turned an even older desert ram & after a quick discussion the decision was made to pursue.

41E Sheep Hunting Crew
Red & the EPO team led by Jon Green

Arizona desert bighorn sheep hunts are once-in-a-lifetime hunts which really make them unique compared to any other species.  We were honored to assist Red in accomplishing his goal of harvesting a trophy old desert ram!

Larry's Giant Ram

Larry’s Giant Desert Bighorn Ram

Larry defied the odds after years of applying & drew an Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep tag in 2021.  He immediatly called us after drawing his once-in-a-lifetime tag & booked his 7 day fully outfitted desert bighorn sheep hunt in Unit 15D.  Check out Larry’s hunt video as it was featured on the ROKSTEDi Youtube Channel:

Giant Desert Bighorn Ram Video

John took the largest ram in the Unit

Largest Arizona Nelsoni Desert Bighorn Sheep

After 4 days of hunting with Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters in Arizona’s Unit 15D John Barczak was able to lay his hands on an absolute giant of a desert bighorn ram.  John’s willingness to push through some challenging obstacles in order to get into a position to shoot his ram was critical.  This ram was located on a mountain with steep edges, unreal rock structures, cliffs & chutes.

 Amazingly after the 60 day drying period John’s desert bighorn officially grossed scored 174 0/8″ & net scored 173 1/8″.   This was the largest ram taken in unit 15d in over 2 years & it was the largest nelsoni desert bighorn sheep taken in the state of Arizona in 2017!