Walking up to a 408″ Giant Arizona Bull Elk

Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters’ recent archery elk client, Jason Bausch, arrowed a giant bull with us in 2014. Walking up on a giant Arizona bull elk is a very surreal experience, even for veteran archery elk hunters.

Unit 10 Private Land Elk Hunts

Guided by Lee Murphy this bull grossed 400″. This bull summered in unit 9, but was killed in unit 10 on the private land.

Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters has some of the highest quality private land elk hunting available in Arizona.

These trophy elk hunts take place in the highly acclaimed unit 10 in Arizona.  This ranch will surely be some of the highest quality trophy elk hunting experience available with in unit 10, during the 2014 season.  With the exceptional genetics and management for older age class bulls in unit 10, it will enable our clients to be very successful on trophy class bulls.

Arizona Bull Elk will some times travel 15-20+ miles to their September rutting grounds.  Many of the bulls found on this unit 10 private land elk hunt will spend much of the summer in unit 9.