Largest Arizoa Elk in 2021

400+ Inch Arizona Elk

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Largest Arizona Bull taken in 2021

Everyone dreams of getting to hunt a 400 inch bull elk but only a few hunters actually get the opportunity.  2021 was a challenging season for everyone with an Arizona elk tag because of the winter/spring drought.  The dry spell made it extra hard to find 370+ bulls, let alone 400 inch bull.  So, as Jamey Finstad walked up to his monster archery elk he was in awe of the moment. 

Jamey's 400 inch archery elk
Jamey with his 401" Arizona Archery Bull Elk
Jamey's Giant Archery Bull Elk
We called this bull Big B because he had a great back end, which was rare for the 2021 elk season.


Here is some video footage captured before the hunt of "Big B":


Jamey’s 400 Inch Arizona Archery Bull Elk