The Best Arizona Mule Deer Units (2022 Hunts)

Arizona’s Best Units (2022 Mule Deer Hunts)


Arizona has some great top tier mule deer units & here are the best Arizona Rifle Mule Deer Rut Hunts for the 2022 season:

  • Unit 13B (Arizona Strip)  Dates: 11/4-11/13 *Best genetics in the state of Arizona but the age class is down slightly from years past.  Most serious hunters will hunt for 190+ bucks with a handful of bucks being taken over 210″.    There are 70 tags being given (-10 from 2021) & the dates are toward the beginning of the rut, so pray for cold weather.
  • Unit 13A (Arizona Strip) Dates: 11/11-11/20 * Great genetics but not as much deer habitat as you would think for a unit of it’s size.   Most serious hunters will hunt for 190+ bucks with a few bucks being taken over 200″.  The dates are in a great spot to hit the rut & there are only 40 tags this season (-10 from 2021).
  • Unit 12AW (Kaibab) Dates: 11/18-11/27 *Great genetics but the age class is down from the glory days.  You will see a lot of deer on this hunt & it’s a full blown rut mule deer hunt.   Very fun hunt with only 40 tags that can yield bucks over 200″ but most serious hunters will be foolish to not shoot a buck in the 190’s.
  • Unit 12BW Dates:  11/18-11/27 *Good genetics in this area which is less popular when compared to the above units.  180+ mule deer is a solid expectation for the more serious hunters but 190+ may be possible.  These hunt dates put this hunt in the middle of the rut, so older bucks will be more vulnerable.
  • Unit 10 Dates:  12/9-12/31 *Solid genetics & age class can make this a sleeper NEW hunt with only 15 tags.   Mule Deer SOUTH of the Grand Canyon rut later than the deer North of it, so the December dates are right during the middle of the rut!   180″ bucks will be great for this hunt with the possiblity of a few 190+ bucks.  FYI-Don’t expect to see a lot of deer as the numbers are low.
  • Unit 3A & 3C Dates:  12/9-12/31 *Solid genetics in this unit & some good bucks have been taken in the past. Mule Deer SOUTH of the Grand Canyon rut later than the deer North of it, so the December dates are right during the middle of the rut!  HEAVY snow can be an issue with these dates & unit.   180+ is a solid buck on this hunt with only 10 tags being offered.


Honorable Mention:

  • Unit 12AE Dates:  11/18-11/27
  • Unit 12B Dates: 11/18-11/27
  • Unit 7&9 Dates: 12/9-12/31
  • Unit 23 Dates: 12/9-12/31



200″ Arizona Mule Deer

Before you Apply for an Arizona Mule Deer Hunt!

There are many things to consider before you apply for an Arizona mule deer hunt, such as bonus points, trophy expectations & weapon type.  Therefor, if you are interested in going on an Arizona Mule Deer hunt with us, please contact us  prior to applying for the draw.

Mark’s Unit 13B Big Buck

Arizona Unit 13B Big Buck
Mark B. with his 200″ mule deer taken in 2016

Our good friend Mark B. drew his dream Arizona Mule Deer tag in Unit 13B in 2016.  The EPO crew scouted & hunted harder, which turned up several great strip bucks.   After 4 days of hunting hard, they looked over this BIG heavy typical & decided it was time to pull the trigger.

Live video of Mark’s Big Buck:

Unit 13B Arizona Strip Mule Deer Hunt
Lee, Mark & Adam holding a true beast of an trophy mule deer.

Mark holding his beast Arizona Strip Mule Deer the next day.

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James’ Archery Mule Deer Hunt

James taking some practice shots as his father films.

James Schulz  came to Arizona to hunt trophy mule deer & his father, Kurt, eagerly joined his son on this trip. Being prepared is everything when it comes to the ultimate bowhunting challenge & James proved he was up for this test!

James & Kurt Schulz looking over some mule deer while on the first day of his archery mule deer hunt.  Watch the video below!  

On the second day of we glassed up a group of deer & finally picked out an old trophy mule deer. James & the crew made their move after the big buck & does shaded up for an afternoon nap. As they approached the last known location of the bedded deer they found themselves at less than 15 yards from some of the does. The old buck slipped through an opening, but James was already drawn back. James made a great decision to step to his right & made a solid archery shot at just over 30 yards!

James holding his RED arrow after making a great archery shot on a beautiful old trophy mule deer.
James with his 175″ over-the-counter Archery Mule Deer!
Father & Son with a true trophy archery mule deer!
Capturing the moment after taking a trophy mule deer with archery gear.
James admiring his archery mule deer, which was old, 29″ wide & over 175 inches!

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