Giant 6×6 Bull Elk

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When you think of elk hunting, one immediatly dreams of a giant 6×6 bull elk.  Big 6 point bull elk are the icon of the species & everyone in the elk hunting world puts them on a pedestal. When Jennifer Jones finally drew her early rifle bull elk tag, her & her husband (David) put in a ton of work with her .28 Nosler, in anticipation of settling the crosshairs on a giant bull.

Giant Arizona Elk

After several days of elk hunting during a slow rut, we finally found the icon of elk. As light was fading we were able to close the distance & Jennifer put two great shots into the giant elk. It was an unreal moment for everyone to walk up to a truey rare 400″ 6×6 bull elk.


As mentioned above, Jennifer put many rounds thru her .28 Nosler prior to her hunt, she was prepared & ready to make long range elk hunting shots if needed.  The hunting & shooting prepartion paid off as she was unbelievable under pressure.  Jen was also using a prototype hunting bipod by Rok-Stedi Hunting Gear which allowed her to shoot this rutting giant elk from a seated position.